The pidgeons have never been more confused. Suddendly, all humans are gone! In whose heads are they supposed to shit on now?

"What The Feather" is a game developed for Esne Week JamOn that mixes the arcade and point-and-click genre!

Arcade controls:

- Mouse click to fly

1st minigame controls:

- Click and drag the laundry

2nd minigame controls:

- Click on the ingredients

3rd minigame controls:

- Keyboard arrows

This game was developed by SATISFIRE team:

- Natalia Adrover: game design, programming

- María Isabel González: art

- Alejandra Müller: programming

- Laura Reyes: art 

Hope you enjoy it!



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Muy bueno, tiene un flujo muy cuidado y un arte precioso.

Ha sido un trabajazo. ¡Mola!

Muchas gracias! <3


Buenísimo el juego. ;) Me encanta todo.


Graciaas ^^


Esta guapo me mola mazo l musica es super original


Muchas gracias! :)


Great Job! The vignettes are so much funny and the minigames are cool! Awesome :3 I love the gansta pidgeon haha


Thanks <3 Gansta pigeon loves you too


Rrrú  rrú   (  '  > ')


('<  '  )